Friday, 12 February 2010

Giving to UK charities fell in 2009 - were churches similarly affected?

A recent poll by Investec Private Bank indicated a drop in donations to UK Charities of more than £500m on previous year, 10% down on 2008.

At Funding for the Future in Westminster earlier this week, a conference attended by 1,200 charity etc leaders and managers, I heard Dr John Low of the Charities Aid Foundation talk of a £1.3 billion decrease in 2009, 11% on 2008.

Although the figures differ, both are flagging a similar percentage reduction. However our experience in LifeChurch Manchester was that in financial 08/09 our income grew by 6%, and in 09/10 we're hopeful of hitting our budget of another 6% increase. So we're very glad to be bucking the national trend. 

Is this the experience also of other churches?

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