Sunday, 2 May 2010

UK Evangelicals increase their national profile....with mainly good coverage

Mark Mumford, the Salt & Light church network's UK Team Leader commented at a regional event in Bangor (Wales) yesterday on the increasing visibility of the church in the UK in recent years, noting that whilst this has many pluses, that as we 'put our heads above the parapet', we are also likely to come under attack from secular and other anti-Christian forces.

This was exemplified in a national newspaper today, featuring Philippa Stroud - who has spoken at a previous Salt & Light European Leaders' Conference, is currently head of The Centre for Social Justice and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton and Cheam, and is married to David Stroud who leads ChristChurch London and the Newfrontiers church network in the UK. In an article in The Observer, Philippa Stroud is criticised for allegedly 'running prayer sessions to 'cure' gay people'. She has issued a comment here.

In contrast, Mark Mumford also spoke of the very positive coverage on BBC1 that his colleague Ally Kay and the Derby Street Pastors had received recently. Likewise on the Chris Moyles show a few months ago, where Chris Moyles spoke very positively and at great length and used the word 'amazing' over and over about a televised service from Kingsgate Community Church Peterborough the previous Sunday.