Sunday, 31 January 2010

LifeChurch Manchester does 'missional'

'Missional' is the latest buzz-word in many of the recent books about newer church models and styles. Isn't that what all churches through all time were supposed to be, one might ask! See here for an extended discussion of how 'missional' is being most commonly understood. Our local missional pastor Nick Matthews explains that it's an emphasis less on our church's seating capacity and rather more on our sending capacity.

There's undoubtedly an increasing emphasis on being missional in many UK churches. For example at LifeChurch Manchester we've started having a 'missional Sunday' 6 times pa. This morning for example we featured City Centre Ministries, which is run by LifeChurch members Steve & Irene Brown, and serves the homeless in Manchester.

At LifeChurch we are excited to either operate as one of our ministries, or closely support an increasing number of ministries or charities which are led by or involve one or more of our members. Thus we've previously run missional Sundays focussed on the following:
Christians Against Poverty
Hope for Justice
Compassion UK
Fit Lives

and in future we may also focus on:
Rhema Theatre Company
Eden Eccles
The Gideons   
Rob & Marion White
Crossroads Counselling Service
Our workers in Uganda and India and the indigenous works they're serving
Our 6 mission teams that were launched in October 09

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  1. Enjoying reading your blog Mr R. It's good to hear what is happening at Life Church and the other interesting stuff you write about. Keep up the good work!