Monday, 19 April 2010

God All-Matey or God Almighty?!

My thanks to fellow-blogger Robin Parry for asking this question, quoting from a recent sermon by my Salt and Light colleague Dr Rick Thomas. Whilst we've rightly by-and-large got away from a view of a stern and killjoy God who's rather keener on condemning us to eternal hellfire than a nicer alternative, some preachers and churches have probably erred too far the other way with a depiction of a God who wants to be our 'best mate' and for whom almost any behaviour or belief is OK...

Maybe we can recover a more Biblical perspective of God, well-exemplified by the account of Jesus Christ in the gospels, who having saved the woman caught in adultery from a horrible death by stoning, told her 'then neither do I condemn you' - but then encouraged her to 'go and sin no more'.

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